ROGUE® iB1 Intelligent Base

Flexible, open, and modular architecture
Android inspired icon-based user interface
Large 7” high resolution color screen
Integrated Inspection and MPO multi-fiber test capable
##USB host and function ports
##Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
##>8 hours Li-ion battery or AC power

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ROGUE® iB1 intelligent base is the latest addition to the ROGUE modular family of test equipment. Ruggedly built to withstand testing in the field, the ROGUE iB1 is hand-held, portable, and comes with a unique kickstand design that allows for portrait or landscape viewing.

Like the ROGUE cB1 compact base, the iB1 intelligent base utilizes interchangeable and hot-swappable test modules for maximum flexibility. The WiFi and Bluetooth® enabled ROGUE iB1 also provides integrated inspection capabilities in addition to the ability to utilize AFL’s MFS multi-fiber switches for testing MPO/Multi-fiber links.

The iB1 intelligent base utilizes an Android inspired, icon-based user interface and provides superior ease of use through a large, 7” high resolution color touchscreen display making for an ideal solution for applications where smart devices are prohibited or undesired. All ROGUE devices share test modules and application software such as the TURBO OLTS/Cert test app.


ROGUE® cB1 Compact Base

Built around you and the way you test your network

ROGUE is the fastest, most flexible testing platform in the industry.

ROGUE uses state-of-the-art technology. Each module is optimized to produce the most accurate results in the shortest amount of time. Every time you test you’ll compound your savings.

ROGUE hardware is highly interchangeable. Maximize CAPEX savings with building blocks that include a modular carrier and our self-contained base. You can customize your configuration, mix and match elements, and even use the smart devices you already own.

We’ve separated software applications from the hardware so you can invest in the application-specific tests you really need and have a consistent user experience across all platforms. Because ROGUE is an open system, you also have the option of designing your own customized apps or integrating third party software.

And because ROGUE® works seamlessly with aeRos®, you can integrate every aspect of your workflow for even greater OPEX savings. Set up jobs and equipment before trucks ever roll, interact with technicians in real time, collect and analyze data in the cloud, issue reports more efficiently, and get to revenue faster.


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