Why Buy from TAMGE?
TAMGE (Test and Measurement Global Exchange) has over 50 years of industry experience in the sales, rental and leasing of new and used surplus test and measurement equipment. Our team has a respected and trusted reputation that provides you comfort and assurance you are working with seasoned experts. You can rely on TAMGE to save you time and money, whether you are an end-user customer that is seeking low-cost surplus test equipment or other used technology products or a reseller wanting to offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your clients.

TAMGE has the global network in place to offer a wide range of used test and measurement equipment at a savings of 50% to 80% off manufacturer list prices. All our products are fully calibrated at no additional charge and backed by a full 1-year warranty.

Some of the benefits of allowing TAMGE to be your supplier are:

Domestic and International Sourcing Network
Our goal is to provide you product fast at the right price. We want to serve as your company’s one-stop source for used and surplus test and measurement equipment. If you need something we do not currently have in stock, TAMGE will search overnight, using our extensive global supply-side network.

Deep Pricing Discounts
Our global sourcing network, combined with our stock inventory, allows us to offer significant savings of 50 to 80% or more off of manufacturer list prices. TAMGE customers always enjoy top quality and low prices.

Breadth of Product
We offer all the great names in test and measurement and at pre-owned prices. We purchase products from major corporations from around the globe, fully re-calibrate them, then offer them at remarkable savings. We specialize in locating that ‘hard to find’ piece of test gear that you needed yesterday.

A Seasoned Product Management Team
TAMGE product managers are technology professionals (most of us were former engineers/ technicians) with a strong knowledge of the used test and measurement marketplace. Our team is here to solve problems, saving you time and money by recommending solutions and acting as an extension of your purchasing organization.

International Network and Rapid Delivery
We have experience with a large number of international customers and often service their needs within 2 business days. TAMGE can offer overnight delivery to US, Canadian and most UK locations.

Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship that you can count upon for all your new and pre-owned test and measurement equipment, by providing the quality, hands-on customer service, industry and product expertise and an industry leading 12 month warranty, all at remarkably low prices.

International Capabilities and Quick Delivery
We are experts at serving the needs of international customers. Overnight delivery is typical for US, Canadian, and select UK locations. We can deliver most products anywhere else within 48 hours.

We know you have several options when it comes to buying used and surplus test equipment. That’s why we offer choice, quality, warranty, expertise, and superior customer service to serve as your company’s preferred resource for high-quality refurbished test equipment at incredibly low prices.

To request a quote, please complete our Quick Quote form or contact us directly by e-mailing at or calling us at (207) 221-3154  or Fax (207) 221-1197.

Why Sell to TAMGE?
TAMGE is driven to become your partner in optimizing your return on any excess or non-utilized test and measurement assets. We offer options, such as; global marketing of your products or Insta-Cash. Over the years, we have acquired in-depth expertise in buying, selling, trading and valuing used test and measurement equipment. Our product team uses this knowledge to help our channel and commercial customers maximize their return on idle technology assets.

We would be pleased to give you a no obligation quote on the value of your equipment and how we can either help you market it or liquidate into cash now. Take a moment to complete our Quick Bid form.

Asset Management Services
Test and Measurement Global Exchange (TAMGE) is a full service partner to customers wanting to optimize their return on used or surplus test equipment, as well as other technology products. We offer several options to meet our customer’s objectives.

Valuation and Recovery Consulting:
TAMGE asset recovery managers are experts in the secondary technology marketplace. They are highly experienced in ensuring you understand the value of your used test and measurement equipment and offer you several options for liquidating them. We can provide you consulting services for a fee, or free of change for those customers choosing to use our Insta-Cash or Consignment programs. We suggest you ask for a no obligation quote on any of our services, click here.

Insta-Cash Plan:
Our Insta-Cash Program enables our customers to turn dormant test and measurement equipment or other technology products into cash or credit toward a current or future TAMGE purchase. We can usually give you an Insta-Cash bid for your products within one business day. We write a check and pick up the products immediately once terms are agreed upon. If you would like us to give you an Insta-Cash quote from a TAMGE product manager, click here.

Consignment Programs:
We offer a consignment plan for those customers that want to ensure optimal financial return and are not under ridged time constraints. The consignment option allows our customers access to TAMGE’s global marketing network and maximizes their return on sold test and measurement assets. We will provide you a complete market analysis and project reporting, as consigned products for your idle technology assets are sold daily. To find out if this is the right program for your company, find out more by talking with one of our product managers, click here.

Incentive Programs:
TAMGE offers a partnership program for customers having a significant volume of test and measurement products that are liquidated through TAMGE programs annually, such as; major corporations, rental/ lease firms, asset recovery firms, venture capital/ financial asset recovery, and professional liquidators, click here.

Custom Programs:
Your situation might require a more customized approach; TAMGE has the global operational capabilities, industry knowledge and resources to assist you in achieving your goal. We would be pleased to go over some options that would be available to you. To talk with one of our recovery specialists about your company’s unique situation and how we can help you, please click here.

Refurbished Test Equipment
TAMGE buys and sells a wide range of high-quality, technology products including used test equipment, used computers, used servers, used data storage equipment, used power equipment and much more. With discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices and warranties for all product sets, our used technology products are a compelling and cost-effective alternative to buying new.

Refurbished Test Equipment
TAMGE specializes in electronic test equipment from all of the leading and secondary test equipment manufacturers. Choose from used test equipment by Hewlett Packard (HP), Agilent, Fluke, Marconi / IFR, Rohde and Schwarz, Tektronix and hundreds of other vendors.

Our extensive inventory of test equipment allows us to deliver overnight to US, Canadian, and select UK regions. In addition, we can deliver to most international locations within 48 hours. If you need a product we don’t have in stock, TAMGE will be happy to source it for you through our extensive, global supply-side network. We often carry specials on refurbished test equipment with many to choose from! To request a quote, please fill out our quick quote form or contact us directly by e-mailing or calling (207) 221-3154.

If you submit an online quote request, TAMGE will contact you with information on pricing and availability.