AFL/ Noyes OPM4 Optical Power Meter


OPM4-3D     InGaAs  detector      Measurement Range = +10 to -75 dB,  power =  (2) AA, USB

Select one of the following adapter caps when ordering power meters:

2.5 mm, 1.25 mm, FC, SC, ST, LC.


OPM4-3D Optical Power Meter with Wave ID, Set Reference, and Data Storage


OPM4 Optical Power Meter with Wave ID and Set Reference The OPM4 optical power meter may be used to measure optical power in Premises, Telco, or Broadband fiber optic networks. When used with an LED or Laser light source, the OPM4 also measures insertion loss of multimode or single-mode cables.

The OPM4 offers Wave ID, automatic wavelength identification and switching, when used with the OLS1-Dual or OLS2-Dual or OLS4 with Wave ID feature. Multiple test Tone detection is provided for fiber identification. The OPM4 stores optical references for each calibrated wavelength. An easy to read Dual Wavelength LCD display with Backlight shows measured power [dBm or ?W] or insertion loss [dB], calibrated wavelengths, tone signal [Hz], wavelength ID, and the battery charge status.

In addition to being powered by two AA alkaline, the OPM4 can be powered by optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

The OPM4 optical input port accepts Noyes thread-on style adapter caps. Adapter caps are required for operation and must be ordered separately.
The OPM4 is fully N.I.S.T. traceable.


  • Rugged, handheld, lightweight
  • Multimode or single-mode applications
  • Premises (Ge), Telco (InGaAs), and Broadband (+26 dBm) models
  • Wave ID – automatic wavelength identification and switching
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON) testing
  • Dual Wavelength testing
  • 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz, and 2 kHz Tone detection
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • Power measurements in dBm or ?W; insertion loss in dB
  • Reference power level storage
  • AA alkaline, optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Battery Gauge
  • N.I.S.T traceable

OPM4-2D Germanium, +6 to -60 dB, dBm, W (2) AA, USB $395.00

OPM4-3D InGaAs,  +10 to -75 dB, dBm, W (2) AA, USB $475.00

OPM4-4D InGaAs,  +26 to -50 dB, dBm, W (2) AA, USB $545.00

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Includes 1 full year Noyes factory warranty.


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