M310-25 Data Center OTDR 850/1300/1310/1550 nm QUAD w/ OPM and VFL


Quad unit, M310-25, covers 850/1300/1310/1550 with 30/30/38/37 dB,

also having integrated OPM and VFL

•Industry leading dead zones to help validate and troubleshoot typical Data Center and Enterprise networks comprised of multiple connections and short jumpers. ◦ Event Dead Zones 0.8m
◦ Attenuation Dead-zones < 3 m

•Enhanced Mode Fill (EMF) – Enables users to get more accurate loss results, comparable to measurements made with expensive external mode conditioners without sacrificing dynamic range or adding another box to manage during testing
•Built in Optical Power Meter – Test and store both Tier 1 and Tier 2 results in one tester
•Built in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) – enables technicians to quickly identify fiber faults within OTDR dead zone and verify polarity
•Front End and First Connector checks – verify launch quality to help users obtain better OTDR trace results
•Live Fiber Detection and Indication – direct users to validate they are on the correct fiber or turn off the source so they can obtain an OTDR trace
•Dynamic Range suited testing fibers beyond the Data Center ◦ 38 dB Single-mode
◦ 30 dB Multimode

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M310 – 25 Data Center OTDR – QUAD w OPM & VFL

The NOYES M310 is the only OTDR with controlled mode fill for multimode fiber testing without the need of an external modecontroller. The controlled launch provides more accurate link loss measurements comparable to a mode conditioned light source and power meter loss measurement. Industry leading short dead zones, mode controlled launch, OPM, VFL and inspection capability
combine to make this the most complete OTDR for Data Center testing and troubleshooting. Delivered in a rugged, lightweight, easy to hold package, the M310 has the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Touch and Test user interface, which makes it easy for both experts and novices to perform tests and document data center and enterprise networks accurately and quickly.
The M310 is available in Multimode, Single-mode and QUAD models, each comes standards with an OPM, VFL and is Digital FiberScope ready. The M310 Single-mode and QUAD models can be ordered with Advanced Analysis software which includes;
Macro/Microbend detection and Bi-directional trace analysis. Using the Advanced Analysis software and testing against industry ISO/ TIA standards or user set Pass/Fail thresholds, technicians are alerted of installation problems and failures. This reduces troubleshooting time and minimizes network downtime. Cut, Copy, Paste and Rename functionality has been added to allow technicians to quickly initiate testing and troubleshoot networks and provide the ability to adjust to the project naming after the results have been obtained


•Inspection ready – the M310 supports the DFS Digital FiberScope for inspecting the finish and cleanliness of connector end-faces, which is a leading cause of network failures
•Fast Real Time OTDR mode for use in troubleshooting or splicing applications
• Field proven, compact, rugged product packaging is designed for both outside plant use and cramped inside plant environments

Also available is for a M310-20 covering 1310/1550 at 38/37 dB Dynamic Range, it has integrated OPM and VFL (SINGLE MODE) – $5675


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