Noyes C880 Quad OTDR Certification Test Kit


Combining two C840 Certification Testers

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Noyes C880-QUAD 1310/1550 SM 26 dB(Laser)+ 850/1300 MM 22 dB(LED) OLS


C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit

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Combining two C840 Certification Testers, the Noyes C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit from AFL Telecommunications is designed for testing and troubleshooting both multimode and single-mode fiber links. Each tester includes an integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL, 650 nm), both single-mode (Laser 1310/1550 nm) and multimode (LED 850/1300 nm) Optical Light Sources (OLS), and an Optical Power Meter (OPM). Each tester may be used alone as a traditional power meter, light source or visual fault locator.

In Auto Test mode, the user may perform certification tests to one of the industry cabling standards (TIA, ISO, EN), one or more application standards, or a user-defined loss/length limit. Certification reports may be generated based on the selected standards and rules using PC reporting software. The transflective touch screen display of the C840 tester is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. Thousands of test results may be stored internally for transfer to a computer via a USB cable or a standard USB drive. Once test data is transferred to a computer, the supplied Windows® compatible software allows technicians to view, print, and generate professional certification reports.


  • Tier 1 testing of premise networks
  • Measure loss and length of fiber links
  • Certify fibers using Pass/Fail criteria of industry standards,applications and user-defined limits


  • Handheld, 0.9 kg (2 lb)
  • Integrated OPM, OLS, and VFL (650 nm)
  • 850/1300 nm – LED and 1310/1550 nm – Laser sources
  • Dual-wavelength certification Pass/Fail
  • Two fibers bi-directional and single fiber testing
  • Transflective (indoor/outdoor) touch screen display
  • Tool-free, switchable adapters
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (> 8 hours) or AC power
  • USB host and function ports
  • Internal (1000s test results) and USB storage
  • Windows® compatible software


  • C840 QUAD Auto Test Certification Tester (2 ea)
  • Adapters OLS Ports SC, ST, LC
  • OPM port SC, 1.25 and 2.5 mm Universal
  • VFI port 1.25 and 2.5 mm Universal
  • Jumpers (6) 2 m (62.5 mm, 50 mm, SM) for SC and LC testing
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Mandrels (2) 62.5 mm and 50 mm, 3 mm jacket
  • Stylus pen for touch screen
  • USB thumb drive, 1G
  • USB to Mini USB cable
  • AC adapters (2), specify country of use
  • Cleaning Accessories One-Click cleaner (SC/ST/FC), 2.5 mm
  • Cases Soft case (1), separable into two carry cases
  • Report Software PC software and user guide

Unit List Price

    • C840-100-L1-S1 – $5,250 (This is a single unit)
    • C880-100-LP1-S1 – $9,995 (This is the dual unit shown)


Call or email for full pdf spec

Optional OTDR and Cleaning Accessories

  • FR1-SM-150-SC-FC Fiber ring, single-mode, SC/FC, 150 m
  • FR1-SM-150-SC-LC Fiber ring, single-mode, SC/LC, 150 m
  • FR1-M6-150-SC-ST Fiber ring, multimode, 62.5mm, SC/ST, 150 m
  • FR1-M6-150-SC-LC Fiber ring, multimode, 62.5mm, SC/LC, 150 m
  • FR1-M5-150-SC-ST Fiber ring, multimode, 50mm, SC/ST, 150 m
  • FR1-M5-150-SC-LC Fiber ring, multimode, 50mm, SC/LC, 150 m
  • FR1-L5-150-SC-LC Fiber ring, laser optimized, multimode, 50mm, SC/LC, 150 m
  • FR1-L5-150-SC-SC Fiber ring, laser optimized, multimode, 50mm, SC/SC, 150 m
  • FR1-SM-500-SC-LC Fiber ring, single-mode, SC/LC, 500 m
  • FR1-SM-500-SC-SC Fiber ring, single-mode, SC/SC, 500 m
  • FR1-SM-500-SC-FC Fiber ring, single-mode, SC/FC, 500 m
  • 8500-20-0900 Wet Cleaning Kit for SC/FC/ST/LC Connectors
  • 8500-05-0001MZ One-Click Cleaner SC/ST/FC
  • 8500-05-0002MZ One-Click Cleaner LC/MU

Note: 1000 m single-mode fiber rings are also available.

Warranty: Includes full 1 year Noyes factory warranty

We rent and ‘lease to own’. We take trade-ins too. Visit our Noyes Store.

Call for data sheet – (207) 221-3154


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