EXFO FTB-200 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR


EXFO TK-200-S1-D15 Modular ODTR Features:
•Color 6.4″ Touchscreen TFT Display
•EXFO FIP Connector Interface. (Probe not included)
•ToolBox Software for PC post processing
•Backup copy of software for install.
•USB A and mini-usb A-B interfaces
•Compact Flash cards interface
•AC adapter/charger and 1 battery
•User guide (Softcopy in PDF format)
•Certificate of Compliance
•Semi-rigid Case
•Neck & Belt Strap
•FTB-7200D MM/SM OTDR Module
•26/25/35/34dB (MM:50

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EXFO FTB-200 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR

FTB-200V2, TK-200-S1-D15 : Module and Mainframe

EXFO’s newest, most compact platform was designed to address virtually any network testing scenario a technician could meet in the field. EXFO created this versatile tool with an open architecture, backward-compatibility and powerful, world-leading testing technologies.Testing today’s networks requires a supertech. EXFO understands that technicians need to span various mediums, layers and technologies. With this reality in mind, EXFO designed the FTB-200 Compact Platform for multilayer, multi-medium testing.

Testing metro/access and FTTx networks
The FTB-200 was designed for supertechs in the field that perform tests on optical and copper for metro/access and FTTx networks. This task requires a compact platform optimized for time-efficient automated tests and in-depth troubleshooting and analysis. The FTB-200 is ideal for testing

•System provisioning/service activation

The FTB-200 is the most complete compact platform on the market. Equipped with testing applications covering both fiber-optic and copper mediums, supertechs will find that they need only one tool to complete the most important testing and troubleshooting tasks.

The FTB-200-S1 is an EXFO FTB-200 Modular OTDR Platform designed for multilayer and multimedium testing. Use it for physical, transport and datacom testing. This platform accommodates two field-interchangeable modules. You must order a module and adapter separately for it to work.

Testing and troubleshooting will be considerably more efficient with the most trusted OTDR in the industry at your reach. EXFO offers over 20 OTDR modules to meet your long-haul, metro/access and FTTx needs. Other features of our OTDR series include:
•Modules that test up to four wavelengths
•Industry’s fastest acquisition times
•FTTx-optimized modules that combine multimode and singlemode network functions
•Shortest dead zones in the industry

Bringing lightweight robustness to the field
The rugged FTB-200 provides readable results on your screen whether you are testing indoors under artificial light, or testing outdoors with the sun shining directly on your screen.


Ask about EXFO factory refurbished and tradeshow units at discount prices

TK-200-S1-D17 FTB-200V2 and FTB-7400E-0023B-XX (1310/1550) – $10,195
•TK-200-S1-D16 FTB-200V2 and FTB- 850/1300 – $9195
•TK-200-S1-D20 FTB-200V2 and FTB-7400E-2347B-XX-VFL SM OTDR module
• 1310/1383/1550/1625 (42/40/41/41 dB) – $20,995
•TK-200-S1-D19 FTB-200V2 and FTB-7400E-0234-XX-VFL SM OTDR module
• 1310/1550/1625 (42/41/41 dB) – $15595


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