EXFO FTB-1 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR



Wide 7” TFT Color Touch Screen

•Optional Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

•1 Gig Ethernet and 2 – USB 2.0 ports

•Windows™ Remote Assistance and Remote Control Features

•Intel ATOM Processor Running Windows™ Embedded Standard OS

•Optional EXFO Fiber Inspection Probe Video Connector Interface

•Full Hybrid Touch and Keypad to Suit any Environment

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EXFO FTB-1 850/1300/1310/1550nm 26/25/35/32dB

FTB-1-720 OTDR Kit – Module and Maineframe

The FTB-1 Platform is an open testing solution for network infrastructure construction and troubleshooting. This model has built-in intelligence empowers frontline technicians to take field testing efficiency to the next level. Thanks to a highly “connected” set of tools—including Update Manager and compatibility with the EXFO Connect environment, which provides end-to-end operational visibility and centralized reporting capabilities throughout the entire test instrument pool—the FTB-1 delivers maximum return on your investment.
Access Network Testing Using the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR

On the strength of best-in-class specifications and four test wavelengths, the FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR is optimized for fiber-optic contractors and private network operators, enabling them to fully test and qualify any type of fiber network.


TK-FTB-1 Modular mainframe unit Test Kit

Includes the following Mainframe & Module(s) : FTB-1 Modular mainframe unit 8 GB Internal Memory [Including]:
•- Display: Color 7” touchscreen TFT
•- USB 2,0 interfaces
•- Up to 1Gig RJ-45 built-in interface
•- EXFO Fiber Inspection Probe video connector interface
•- AC adapter/charger
•- 1 battery
•- Certificate of Compliance
•- Semi-rigid case (GP-10-072)
•- Neck strap
•- Hand strap

FTB-720-12CD-23B-EA-XX, SM/MM OTDR Module Port 1 : 850/1300 nm, 26/25 dB (50/125 and 62.5/125 ìm)

Port 2 : 1310/1550 nm, 35/32 dB (9/125 ìm)
•- APC EXFO Univ. Interface (Angled Physical Contact)
•- EUI Connector:
[Including] : •- CD-ROM Application software
•- Instruction manual (PDF format)
•- Certificate of Compliance
•- Quick reference guide

Advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, including micro-/macro-bend detection and bi-directional trace averaging, are available by upgrading to TRM 2.0 Advanced.

Also available – FTB-720i-023B-XX with Single Mode OTDR module (1310/1550 at 35/32 dB) – $6395

FTB-720i-023B-04B OTDR module (1310/1550/filtered 1625) – $11495

FTB-720i-12CD OTDR module (850/1300) – $8195

Including] : – CD-ROM Application software – Instruction manual (PDF format) – Certificate of Compliance – Quick reference guide

FTTH Testing Using the FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR

With a dynamic range of up to 39 dB and enabling power meter and visual fault locator functionalities, the FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR module allows fiber installers to seamlessly characterize splitters in PON FTTx and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications

Also Available – FTB-730-236B-XX iOLM module (1310/1490/1550) – $11995

FTB-730-023B-04B iOLM module (1310/1550/1625) – $12995

FTB-730-034B-XX iOLM module (1550/1625) – $8995

FTB-730-023B-XX iOLM module (1310/1550) – $8250



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