VS300 View Safe Video Microscope Noyes


VS300 View Safe Video Microscope Noyes


Fiber Optic Inspection Microscopes


Fiber inspection scopes are used to inspect optical fiber connectors for scratches, dirt, pits, or other problems normally associated with poor transmission performance. By using threaded adapter mounts, Noyes fiber scopes can inspect the fiber and surrounding ferrule of virtually any connector style. Three models, the VFS 1, OFS 300, and VS 300 are available for various applications.

VS 300 View Safe Video Microscope for Fiber Optic Connectors on Patch Cords.  The VS 300 view safe video microscope removes concerns for eye safety while inspecting optical fiber connectors. The design eliminates the optical path to the eye by utilizing a miniature camera and a state-of-the-art micro-display that achieves unparalleled clarity and resolution.

The VS300 is modeled after the functionality of our highly successful OFS300 product line with the following improvements:


  • The VS300 has no optical path to the user’s eye.
  • The VS300 has NTSC video output.
  • The VS300 has the familiar shape and control positions of the OFS 300 but is half the weight and has a molded easy grip case with easy access battery compartment.
  • The VS 300 Video Fiber Scope uses all the OFS 300 -200C adapter caps and has an energy saving automatic shutoff.

OPTI-DOLLARS: Included with this purchase is a gift of $30 to use for any purchase on the OpticalTestExperts Ebay store.

Warranty: Includes full 1 year Noyes factory warranty


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