Fitel S123C-V2-Value-Kit Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer Kit


S123C-V2-Value-Kit Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer Kit

Package Includes:
* S123C-A-V2 Splicer Main Body w/ Heater
* SCC-01 Soft Carrying Case
* S211B-Fiber Optic Stripper
* S326A Hand-Held Precision Cleaver
* S712S-250 250um Fiber Holders (pair)
* S943B Battery (1 total)
* S976A AC Adapter
* S969 Spare Electrodes (1 pair)
* D5111 Electrode Cleaning Disk
* FPF-01 Fiber Prep Fluid
* FW-01 Fiber Wipes
* V-Groove Cleaning Brush
* Manual

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The S123C Hand-Held Clad-Alignment Fusion Splicer has been enhanced and updated to version 2. The battery is automatically charged internally when connected to AC mains power even during operation. The new illumination lamp lights up a wide area around the V-grooves and helps operation in low light environment. The redesigned and strengthened heater simplifies the protection sleeve loading process. Splicing Drop/Indoor cable is possible with newly designed kits.


With its low profile design and light weight body the S123C offers single fiber splicing with outstanding
mobility and extreme ease-of-use. In addition, the rugged body is designed to endure harsh
operating conditions by improving shock/impact resistance with rubber pads embedded on 4 corners
of the splicer body. It achieves water resistance compliant IPX2 and dust resistance compliant
The fast 13 seconds splice time and 25 seconds protection sleeve shrink time offers a highly efficient
work environment. Large battery capacity makes it possible to perform 70 cycles of splicing
and heating, while it offers SOC solution as well.
By combining portability, ease of use, improved speed and durability, the S123C becomes an excellent
option for use in the conventional telecommunications industry


  • Internal battery charging
    • Illumination lamp lights up a wide area around V-grooves
  • • IP-52 – Rugged and compact hand held design for demanding environmental
    • Fast splice (13 sec) at low loss and Fast Heating (25 sec) for single
    • Simple operation with Fixed V-groove
    • Splicer is compatible with the Seikoh Giken and Diamond Spliceon-
    connector (SOC)
    • 70 cycles (Splicing & Heating) *2
    • Available for All METRO/LAN/FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive
    fibers (e.g. EZ-Bend)
    • Easy maintenance – Toolless electrode replacement/mirror free alignment
    • Easy Software upgrade via the Internet
    • Easily exchanged fiber holder systems (tight holder/fiber holder/SOC
    • Splicing Drop/Indoor cable is available
    • PC interface software to allow user manage splicing programs and
    • Auto-start shrink sleeve oven feature
    • Improved GUI to further enhance ease-of-use
    • RoHS compliant
    *1 By using semi-auto mode for
  • RoHS compliant

*1 By using semi-auto mode for splicing and pre-heating mode for heating.

*2 By using semi-auto mode for splicing and regular mode for heating



S123M12-V2-KIT Hand-Held Fusion Splicer Kit


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