AFL RG-2100 ROGUE® OTDR Modules

ROGUE OTDR Modules with Source, Power Meter, VFL
•• Quad single-mode/multimode or Dual single-mode OTDRs
•• Fast acquisition plus TruEvent® for accurate event analysis
•• Intuitive LinkMap® display for easy results interpretation
•• Hot-swappable into ROGUE cB1 or iB1 Base units
•• Use with aeRos cloud-based workflow management software
•• Integrated Source, Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
•• Installation verification of single-mode or multimode networks
•• Unidirectional or bidirectional OTDR testing
•• Insertion loss testing using integrated source and power meter
•• Pinpoint macro-bends and breaks with integrated VFL
•• View results and generate reports anywhere, anytime using aeRos
•• Fast MPO multi-fiber testing using optional multi-fiber switch


Accelerate Testing with ROGUE® OTDR plus Aeros Workflow Management

ROGUE OTDR modules are part of the ROGUE modular test platform and may be used with either the ROGUE cB1 or ROGUE iB1 base platforms. Quad (850/1300 nm multimode + 1310/1550 nm single-mode) and Dual Single-mode (1310/1550 nm) modules are available. ROGUE OTDR modules are supported by aeRos Workflow Management Solution and the LinkMap® OTDR App for Android mobile devices.

Accelerate OTDR testing and reporting: Download pre-configured test setups and pass/fail limits for fast, easy troubleshooting or guided testing of entire multi-fiber cables. Test results are automatically uploaded for cloud-based reporting using AFL’s aeRos Workflow Management software.

Simplify optical network troubleshooting: Avoid test setup errors using aeRos-configured test settings. Simplify results interpretation using LinkMap network display. Color-coded icons easily identify passing and failing network connections. Toggle between LinkMap and Trace view at the touch of an icon.

Control and access from your mobile device: Download and install the free ROGUE LinkMap OTDR App to control and configure OTDR, source, power meter or VFL operation from your smartphone or tablet. View results directly on your mobile device and save or share as you wish.

ROGUE OTDR modules are available in both quad single-mode/multimode and dual single-mode configurations. Select the most appropriate ROGUE OTDR for your application needs:
RG-2100-Q01/Q02:   Quad OTDRs for testing both single-mode and multimode networks.
RG-2100-S01/S02:     Dual single-mode OTDRs for your single-mode only test applications.

OTDR modules include Visual Fault Locator (VFL) and are offered with optional integrated stable Optical Light Source (OLS) and Optical Power Meter (OPM).

ROGUE OTDR Kits are also available, combining OTDR module with ROGUE cB1 compact base or ROGUE iB1 intelligent base and accessories.

Ordering Information:

ROGUE OTDR modules must be installed in either a ROGUE cB1 or ROGUE iB1 base unit. Each module comes with an aeRos Basic license supporting basic aeRos OTDR functionality.

Each module includes an SC connector adapter for the OTDR/OLS port and universal 2.5 mm adapters for the VFL and OPM (if installed) ports. Specify UPC (U) or APC (A) connector option for single-mode OTDR/OLS port.
AFL Module No. Module Description
RG-2100-Q01   :  Quad OTDR, 850/1300 MM, 1310/1550 SM, VFL, UPC or APC – $6975
RG-2100-Q02  :   Quad OTDR, 850/1300 MM, 1310/1550 SM, Source, Power Meter, VFL, UPC or APC $7495
RG-2100-S01    :   Dual Single-mode OTDR, 1310/1550 SM, VFL, UPC or APC – $4475
RG-2100-S02   :   Dual Single-mode OTDR, 1310/1550 SM, Source, Power Meter, VFL, UPC or APC – $4975
ROGUE OTDR Kits bundle together a ROGUE compact cB1 or intelligent iB1 base unit, dual or quad OTDR module, carry strap, power supply, one-click cleaner, fiber ring launch cable(s), aeRos OTDR Basic license and soft carry case.
RGK-OTDR-BQ02   :  ROGUE iB1 Base, RG-2100-Q02 Quad OTDR, 150m MM fiber ring, 150m SM fiber ring – $9195
RGK-OTDR-BS02   :  ROGUE iB1 Base, RG-2100-S02 Dual SM OTDR, 150m SM fiber ring – $6745
RGK-OTDR-CQ02   :  ROGUE cB1 Base, RG-2100-Q01 Quad OTDR, 150m MM fiber ring, 150m SM fiber ring $8450
RGK-OTDR-CS02   :  ROGUE cB1 Base, RG-2100-S01 Dual SM OTDR, 150m SM fiber ring $5945
ROGUE MFS Multi-fiber Switch OTDR Add-on Kit
For faster testing of single-mode multi-fiber cables terminated in MPO/MTP connectors, add a ROGUE MFS Multi-fiber Switch to your OTDR test kit. Connect the ROGUE MFS to the OTDR’s test port, then connect MFS to the network’s MPO/MTP connector to rapidly test up to 12 fibers terminated in the MPO connector.
RGK-MPO-SM-OTDR-ADD  :  Includes SM, SC/UPC-MPO/APC multi-fiber switch, 0.3 m SC-SC patch cord and 30m 12-fiber launch cable with MPO-APC unpinned connectors – $5975



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