AFL/NOYES OFL 280-103 1310/1550/1625 SM- Handheld OTDR

  • Rugged, handheld and light weight
  • Standard OTDR, PON OTDR, live fiber OTDR, and FTTx PON meter all from the same test port
  • 0.8 m event dead zone, 3.5 m attenuation dead zone
  • 34 dB dynamic range
  • Fast Real Time OTDR mode
  • Internal storage (>1000 OTDR traces in standard .SOR format)
  • High-contrast display is clear and bright in any lighting condition, including direct sunlight
  • Transfer test results to a PC via USB
  • 10-hour operation, fast charge, Li-Ion battery
  • Short power-on time (<5 sec)
  • Easy to use and learn

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